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Twisted Copper Wire Necklace by arteesvida
January 21, 2007, 11:27 pm
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The tool posted last week? Was designed to create this necklace which requires alot of braiding and twisting of wire so you first wrap the three pieces of wire around the nails to hold them in place. The beads are from Lille, France. Not that my life is so exotic that I’ve been to Lille.  Luckily, my brother travels a great deal and brought them back for me. The necklace closes in the back with a copper toggle clasp and is now available on etsy!

Rubber Stamped Jewelry By Sharilyn Miller by arteesvida
December 22, 2006, 12:31 am
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Sharilyn Miller is the well-known founding editor of Somerset Studio, Bella Armoire, and Art Doll Quarterly…three magazines on my must-buy list every time they are published! She has published two other books, Stamp Art and Stamp Artist’s Project Book: 85 Projects to Make and Decorate (which includes some of Gloria Page’s work), both of which I have read, enjoyed, and found to be incredibly creative and useful. So being a worshipper at the altar of Sharilyn, you can just imagine how excited I was when she published “Rubber Stamped Jewelry” devoted solely to what creations jewelry artists can make with stamps!

One of the best things about reading her books, is she never makes assumptions about her readers level of skill. So whether you are brand new to jewelry making, or have been making jewelry longer than I have been alive, you will find this book to be a great addition to your library.

The book includes greatly detailed sections on wire work (including beautiful S-Links and S-Clasps), working with rubber stamps, working with polymer clay (including creating beads, molds, and antiquing), fiber arts embellishments (including knotting, braiding, and embellishing), shrink plastic embellishments, and other embellishments (foam, copper sheeting, glass, and paper eyelets). Some of these techniques were brand new to me so I found this an excellent resource guide!

I have always been a big fan of “creative use of materials”. I love taking odd bits and pieces and turning them in to something beautiful. Many of the projects in this book accomplish this task. One of my favorite projects was the use of tiny 5 sided sales tags. With little holes punched in, and gorgeous stamps and embellishments they made gorgeous jewelry! She also creates amazing projects utilizing vinyl tubing from the home improvement store, glass marbles, and dominoes.

I think my favorite project in the book was “Copper Sunrise”, which used rubber stamps to emboss copper sheeting, and a butane torch to create fabulous colors on the copper. (If you haven’t yet discovered the goodness of a butane torch, they are hugely fun to play with, and only cost about ten dollars for a small one at your local Home Depot.)

Some of the projects require specially ground glass and soldering skills, but the directions are walking you through what to purchase for these projects, where to purchase them, and how to use them correctly. If these techniques are as new to you as they are to me, then !you will find this attention to detail very helpful!

To find out more about the author, see more of her jewelry designs and her workshop teaching schedule, check out her homepage,

Valentine’s Day Projects by arteesvida
December 21, 2006, 11:49 pm
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Beadwork Projects

Tons of links to Valentines projects from the Beadwork section of the About network

Rings ‘n Things Pattern for Beaded Heart Earrings

Valentine’s Day Jewelry Making Projects from the About network. (Scroll down the page to see the V-Day listings!):

Wire Work Projects

Wire Mesh Heart Pendent (This is designed for card making, but would also work well for making pins and pendents.)

Wig Jig Wire Heart Projects

WigJig Four Square Hearts pendent

WigJig University Valentine Choker and Earring Set

WigJig Unversity Heart Suncatcher (Another project designed to be something else but would work great for jewelry making!

Polymer Clay Projects

Valentine’s Day Polymer Clay Heart Cane

Sarajane’s Polymer Clay Valentine’s Hearts

HGTV’s Hearts and Flowers Polymer Clay Pin

Paper or Plastic Projects

Valentine’s Day Foamy Hearts Earrings

Shrink Plastic Heart Necklace

Projects For Kids

Bread Dough Heart Pins

Kid’s Domain Valentine Pin

Kid’s Domain Plaster Of Paris Valentine’s Day Pin

Valentine’s Day Necklaces and Bracelets from Kids Domain

Heart pattern for making safety pin jewelry from the Family Crafts section About network

Thanksgiving Projects by arteesvida
December 21, 2006, 11:48 pm
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Thanksgiving Jewelry Making Projects

Tom Turkey Pin

Cute lapel pin project made with wood cut-outs!

Thanksgiving Earrings

Fun beadwork project…complete with fabulous beaded “feathers”!

Pilgrim Hat Pony Bead Pattern

A great project for small fingers using satin cord and pony beads.

Thanksgiving Perler Bead Patterns

Two nice perler patterns…a thanksgiving turkey and a gorgeous cornocopia.

Turkey Pin

Easy felt lapel pin project.

Turkey Bead Safety Pin

A nice beaded safety pin jewelry project.

Cornocopia Beaded Safety Pin

A colorful cornocopia pattern.

Incognito Turkey

I love this little guy! He would make a great little pendent!

Sassy Scarecrow Pendent

An easy polymer clay molding project.

Pumpkin Seed Beads

The pumpkin seeds get salted and roasted in my house, but if they last longer in yours, you can make this fun necklace out of them!

Autumn Leaf Brooch

Mexican pottery clay and water colors duplicates the look of fired pottery for this cool pin!

Holiday Harvest

A lovely indian corn beadwork pattern!

Samhain Style by arteesvida
December 21, 2006, 11:38 pm
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Moon Earrings

This triangular brick stitch pattern works up into a pretty moon and star earring pattern.

Pentacle Power Jewelry

Work up this cool pentacle beadwork pattern to make a choker, a bracelet, or even earrings!

Pentagon Choker

This pretty choker is a great wire jig project!

Triple Moon Necklace

Another neat Wig-Jig University project…check out the pretty purple moons!

Star Power Earrings

Pretty five point star earrings!

Half Moon Earrings

Pretty half moons made with a wire jig super peg.

Triple Spiral Pin

Honor the Maiden, Mother, and Crone with this triple spiral wire pin.

Halloween and Day Of The Dead Projects by arteesvida
December 21, 2006, 11:37 pm
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<big></b>Beadwork Projects </big></b>


<a href=””>Mix and Match Halloween Earrings </a>


Use Halloween themed lampwork beads to make some cool, interchangeable earring designs!


<a href=””&gt; Halloween Patterns </a>


Lots of great patterns, including witches, pumpkins, jack-o-lanturns, and mummies!


<a href=””&gt; More Halloween Patterns </a>


More neat patterns, including a fabulous skull!


<a href=””>BellaOnline Halloween Beading Patterns</a>


Cool bats and devils!


<a href=””>Bella Online Halloween Beading Pattern and Links </a>


Another cool bat pattern plus links to some other great beading projects for Halloween!


<a href=””>Mini Witch Doll </a>


This little 3D witch would make a fabulous jewelry component!


<big></b>Wire Work Projects</big></b>


<a href=””&gt; Halloween Necklace</a>


Cool orange and black wire jig project!


<a href=””>Wire Work Pumpkins</a>


Cool wire pumpkins with lots of potential jewelry applications!


<a href=””>Spooky Spider</a>


Use beads and wire to make this cool wearable spider!


<big><b>Polymer Clay Projects </big></b>


<a href=”

“>I’ve Got My Eye On You! Necklace </a>


Very cool glow in the dark eyeball necklace made from polymer clay!


<a href=””>Ghost Toasty Necklace </a>


Another cool glow in the dark polymer clay project!


<a href=””>Jack O’Lantern Pumpkin Beads </a>


Make cool necklaces and earrings with your own poly clay Jacks!


<a href=””>Witch Face Cane </a>


Make a traditional Halloween witch…complete with hair and hat.


<a href=””>PC Pumpkin Beads</a>


Cool little 3D pumpkin beads with lots of different jewelry making possibilities!


<a href=””>Pumpkin Vine Necklace</a>


Make little pumpkin beads out of polymer clay and string them into a cute necklace!


<a href=””>Pumpkin Earrings</a>


Simple little pumpkin earring project.


<a href=””>Halloween Jewelry Set</a>


Lots of ideas for polymer clay Halloween jewelry sets…matching earrings and necklaces!


<a href=””>Jack O’Lantern Cane</a>


Very cool “Happy Jack” cane project!


<big></b>Kid Friendly Projects</big></b>


<a href=””>Candy Corn Pin</a>


A cool candy corn project made out of craft foam or construction paper.


<a href=””>Ghost Necklace</a>


Turn a plastic film container into a cute ghost necklace!


<a href=””>Hair Fun With Barrettes</a>


Make your own Halloween themed barrettes.


<a href=””>Hair Fun With Scrunchies</a>


Alter premade scrunchies with a Halloween theme!


<a href=””>Creepy Crawly Spider Bracelets </a>


A cool construction paper project!


<a href=””>Monster Marble Jewelry </a>


Use halloween stickers and flat backed marbles to make these cool baubles!


<a href=””>Boo Safety Pin Pattern</a>


Spell “Boo” in safety pin jewelry.


<a href=””>Candy Corn Safety Pin Pattern </a>


A safety pin jewelry project with a cute candy corn.


<a href=””>Tombstone Safety Pin Pattern</a>


“Rest In Peace” with this safety pin jewelry project.


<a href=””>Candy The Corn Pin</a>


 A cute fun foam project.


<a href=””>Hair Pin Ghost Necklace</a>


A very creative use of a hairpin and an adorable necklace!


<a href=”

“>Ghost Necklaces </a>


Make cool ghost pendents out of regular craft glue!


<a href=”

“>Halloween Pins </a>


Easy project using mini brooms, ribbon, and candy corn.


<a href=””>Pumpkin Seed Beads</a>


Save those seeds when you carve your pumpkin to make this cool jewelry!


<big></b>Day Of The Dead Projects </big></b>


<a href=””>Dia De Los Muertos Skull Cane </a>


Very cool polymer clay cane with lots of cool application possibilities!


<a href=””>Dia De Las Muertas Pins</a>


A cool polymer clay pin from my favorite crafty chica, Kathy Murillo!


<a href=””>Skull Bead Earrings</a>


Used carve bone skull beads to make create these simple earrings!


<a href=””>Sacred Heart Beadwork Pattern</a>

 This beadwork pattern is based on the traditional sacred heart milagro…gorgeous!

Fourth Of July Projects by arteesvida
December 21, 2006, 11:29 pm
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She Stands Tall Loom Pattern

She Stands Tall Peyote Pattern

Independence Earrings

Seed Bead Flag Pin

Uncle Sam Earrings

Fourth of July Necklace

Fourth Of July Earrings

Jan Jones’ Patriotic Ribbon

Patriotic Star Pattern

American Flag Pin

Red, White, and Blue Beadwork Patterns from BellaOnline’s Beadwork site

Red White And Blue Beaded Bracelet and Necklace

Patriotic Necklace

Large Patriotic Beaded Star

Patriotic Amulets and Earrings

Show Our Colors: Red White and Blue Earrings

Cheryl Assemi’s Flag Amulet

Flag Patterns for Looms and Peyote Stitch

Red White And Blue Bracelet With A Heart Of Gold

Yellow Ribbon Peyote or Brick Stitch Pattern

Red White And Blue Loom Strip

Patriotic Badge


Patriotic Earrings

American Flag Wire Work Kilt Pin

Red White and Blue Spool Knitted Stretch Magic Bracelet

Red White And Blue Memory Wire Bracelet

Eagle Pattern

Flag and Yellow Ribbon Bracelet

Remember 9/11 Beadwork Patterns

Polymer Clay

Patriotic Flag Pins

God Bless Angel Pin

Old Glory Banner Pin and Ribbon Pin

Red, White, and Blue Ribbon Pin

Red, White, and Blue Bracelet

Red, White, and Blue Pin

Stars and Stripes Mini Flag Pin

Patriotic Star Cane

Kid Friendly Projects

Yellow Ribbon Pins

Small Patriotic Stripes Beaded Star

Unity Ribbon Bracelets

Patriotic Lapel Pins

Uncle Sam Star

Loyalty Rings

Safety Pin and Bead American Flag

Freedom Bracelets

Three Patriotic Pins

Wood, Ribbon, Yarn, and Cloth Projects

Patriotic Heart Pin

Grand Uncle Sam

Patriotic Ribbon Pin