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Junk Charm Bracelet by arteesvida
February 11, 2009, 1:07 pm
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My mom saw one in a store recently and fell in love with it, so I made her her own, personalized version (modeled in the picture by my daughter) for her birthday this year. The charms are bits and pieces I have collected over the years and couldn’t seem to get rid of, including ones I made myself, like the resin filled bottlecap. The links are prebab, but when I soldered them shut I used extra solder to texturize the surface of each link. This gave it a one-of-a-kind hand-hammered appearance. Super easy!

Groovy (and free!) Printables by arteesvida
May 12, 2008, 1:44 am
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Chinese Clip Art

Old Pictures (most are copyright free)

Antique photos of California redwoods.

San Antonio Printmaking Event by arteesvida
May 10, 2007, 9:06 pm
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The Steamroller printmaking event has been rescheduled for
Saturday, May 26!

Artists include Gary Sweeney, Alex Rubio, Justin Parr and Hebron Chism.
An actual steamroller will be used to make large scale woodcut prints as
part of  Printmaking Month 2007 by StoneMetal Press. The public can
watch as each of the artists creates an edition of 5 prints Saturday,
May 26, 2007 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Blue Star Art Complex parking
lot.  Four by eight foot sheets of plywood, carved by area artists, will
be inked up, and placed under large sheets of fine art paper in the
parking lot of Blue Star Art Complex. Then a steamroller will drive
over the woodcut blocks to create original woodcuts.

Blue Star Brewery will be seling hotdogs, beer and rootbeer during the

The prints will be exhibited during Contemporary Art Month. StoneMetal
Press, 227-0312.

Sonemetal Press and the SteamRoller event are supported by the City of
San Antonio Office of Cultural Affairs, Texas Commission for the Arts,
Legion Paper, Graphics Chemical, Blue Star Brewery and members of the

Dyed and Salted Paper by arteesvida
February 27, 2007, 2:54 am
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This paper is very, very easy to make! Use high rag count watercolor paper, mix dye with water (because you don’t want the dye to dry quickly) and glom it all over the paper. Throw salt over the whole thing and let it dry in your garage overnight. Next morning, wipe off the salt. Bemoan the fact that the freezer you left the paper drying on is also now blue.

I used this piece as the background for a round robin collage project that is now hanging over my bed!

Art Erratica Valentine Charm Swap by arteesvida
February 18, 2007, 6:27 am
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This is my bracelet with all the charms from the ArtErratica swap. Acutally I only did a half set and it was more than enough goodies! My favorite charm is probably the red glass heart with the silver detailing and the deer stamped on the glass. I’m guessing it’s a pun on “dear heart” and it tickles me, but I really enjoyed them all!

I cut a length of sterling chain, added the charms and closed it with a jump ring. I may frame it in a shadow box like my other charm swap bracelet, just attaching it with hot glue so I can pull it out and wear it when I’m feeling the urge…but locking it up in my jewelry box just seems like a crime!

Charm Bracelet Project by arteesvida
February 17, 2007, 5:36 pm
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The charm swap I particpated in (and posted directions for making my Corozon charms several postings back) is complete.  I haven’t scanned my finished bracelet yet, but you can see one that is selling on ebay as a fundraiser.  The auction ends on Feb 18th.

More info about the fundraiser:

 My charms is I believe one of the three on the bracelet but not in the original picture…5 of the people who did signed up for the swap did not send in their charms and did not send word they were dropping out so there was some scrambling with extra charms and pieces…several of us donated all of our extra charms for fundraising projects so more pieces may pop up later!

Paper Fabric by arteesvida
January 11, 2007, 12:48 pm
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I made Beryl Taylor’s paper fabric last night. My original plan was to cut it into ATC’s but it looks so pretty on a large scale. I may cut it into 8x10s and frame some squares of it for myself, my mom, etsy, whoever wants one instead.

Let me tell you how it’s done!

All apologies to Beryl for anything I did wrong based on her original instructions. (Buy her book. For serious, y’all.)

I took a large sheet of unbleached muslin and layed it over garbage bags on the table. (I actually trimmed it up after I finished the process, it was easier to get a clean cut then by laying it on my tile floor and cutting it using the grout line as a straight edge.)

I layered the whole piece of fabric with Mod-Podge (Beryl’s exact directions were PVA or thinned white glue) and while the Podge was still wet covered the fabric, with spaces in between with joss paper from the Hong Kong City Mall in Houston.

I added another layer of Podge then covered the whole piece with randomly ripped and crumpled white tissue paper. (Beryl didn’t specified ripped and crumpled, but I like lots of texture.) While everything was still wet, I brushed on a blue dye and water mixture over the whole thing. I had one long joss piece that didn’t blend as well as the others so I went heavier on the dye in that area to blend it in more. It looks better in person than it photographed.

That’s it!