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New Year’s Challenge by arteesvida
January 19, 2009, 2:18 am
Filed under: Home and Garden

For those of you who actually get MLK day off and don’t have other plans, this “bonus” post-holidays holiday is a great day to get stuff done around the house. And bringing in the new year is always a great time to move stuff around in your house. I have been moving around my art and my tchotke’s and creating new vignettes and creating whole new looks with things I already own. Carry two things with you, a clean dry dish towel for dusting things off (if I didn’t move things around they would probably NEVER get dusted) and a digital camera so you can snap pictures as you go and compare different arrangements of items face to face. I don’t even download the pictures, I just review them on the LCD screen to see which arrangements I like best!

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