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Framing On The Cheeeeeeeeeeap by arteesvida
May 18, 2008, 7:05 pm
Filed under: Home and Garden

Ok, so I got my IRS economy stimulation check.  I do plan on stimulating the economy just like the government is hoping I will, but I plan on stimulating it with new flooring in my bedroom.  Framing can get EXPENSIVE quickly so it would be quite easy to spend it all on picture frames if I wasn’t careful.  My mom and I are still working on her office and Hobby Lobby was having half off all their pre-fab frames with glass in them.  We brought down a stack of her stuff to get framed for the office and a few of my things.  For the four items pictured(plus a table top frame not shown), both frames and mattes, I spent 54.00.  That includes one matte that had to be specially cut.  I’ve found two good ways to frame on the cheap.  Purchase a pre-fab frame bigger than your item and have a matte cut for it if it is not a standard size already.  Another inexpensive option is to have matteboard cut to fit the frame and then you can “float” your picture in the middle.  Hobby Lobby is so inexpensive to have matte’s cut to order that I usually just do that.  If Hobby Lobby isn’t in your neck of the woods, the floating option is the cheapest deal I’ve found at Michaels.  I know I’m long overdo for more pictures of my mom’s office (it’s look FAB)…as soon as we get pictures up I’ll do that!


This is a watercolor that my daughter made for me for mother’s day probably two  years ago.  Flowers in a vase.

This was my mother’s day gift from my son this year.  A shadow profile pic he made in school.


My Vern Yip autograph.  Cuz I ROCK!

When my Grandma died, we found a stash of stuff she had kept that had belonged to her mother, Marion.  Alot had to do with her death (burial insurance and stuff) and some card she had received that had meant alot to her, her rouge compact and this.  It’s a letter from her doctor stating she has no contagious skin disease and can return to work as a cook (she worked at the Woolworth’s lunch counter).  Some of the other bits and papers have proven useful in our application for Choctaw citizenship (Marion was full blooded Choctaw, and had registered, but never registered her children), but this was ephemera I loved best.

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