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Living Room Pics by arteesvida
July 22, 2007, 10:26 pm
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The kitchen cabinet saga continues (ugh, don’t ask) but are finally, hopefully, nearly done.  Between the constant rain here in South Texas and my husband and I each taking turns getting ridiculously sick, my blogging has been limited.  I did, however, go shopping yesterday with me mum and scored a new West Elm sofa from the Pottery Barn Outlet for 300 cool ones.  While my sofa, a faux leather that was super-easy to clean, isn’t that old; I hate having a sofa with cushions. My kids scootch them every time they sit down and it always looks like crap and the cushions eventually break down.  My husband told me that if I find one with a solid seat at a good price to snap it up.  And I actually found one at a great price! (I sold the old one for 200.00 on Craigslist this afternoon, so net price was 100 bucks, y’all).

I also replaced the lamp my cats broke with a fanastic glass one from the Tejas Lighting Company.  It has beautiful glasswork and a bulb in the base itself which gives off a warm glow that works great as a grown-up nightlight.

I pulled this rug out of the garage and put it back in the living room.  The old sofa is a dark brown, so I had used a lighter bamboo rug for awhile to lighten the room back up, but the new sofa looks fab with the old rug.  And even shares some colors.  Some new throw pillows and possibly a new blanket may be in order soon.  Any votes on that?

 This is the view from the dining room facing in to the living room.

 My new sofa!  One solid seat!  No scunching!

My fireplace.  The sun is by local artist Roy Villareal.  I blogged more about the piece in a previous entry.

The corner to the left of my fireplace.  And my laptop desk.  That date palm is a special shade loving breed that I have not yet been successful in killing off.  The cats keep trying to help, though.

This picture doesn’t do the lamp justice.  This lamp is effin COOL.  My mom bought several light fixtures at the same place yesterday including a hanging fixture for her stairwell.  Go back and click on the link, you will dig their stuff.

My mermaid nicho looked wonky in the previous pic so here is another picture of it taken before I fixed the dimmer switch below.  The switch place was a custom order from Jennelle.  Girlfriend can do just about anything to a switchplate and her prices are ridiculous cheap.  I have one of hers hanging in my bedroom, too.

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I love the color of your walls – the whole room is gorgeous, but that yellow just grabbed me. I can’t wait to get out of apartment living – we won’t have a single white wall in our house.

Comment by superblondgirl

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