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The Kitchen Cabinet Project by arteesvida
June 17, 2007, 7:34 pm
Filed under: Home and Garden

Don’t mess with your kitchen cabinets.  For serious, y’all.  Get new ones or just let them rot.  We are in week three (four?) of redoing ours and if they arn’t finished this week someone is gonna be serving someone some divorce papers.

They are going to look fabulous when they are done, tho.

I started by sanding them by hand.  Then I remembered that palm sanders are 18.00 at Wal-Mart, got a grip on myself, and bought one.

Even with a good sanding, the cabinets needed two coats of primer.

That included all the cabinet doors, front and back.  You will also note the paint and the taped off areas.  One color wasn’t enough, nosireee. 

All the trim took 2-3 coats, plus a nice coat of triple-thick glaze to protect them from dings and make them scrubbable. All the inside trim is done, the drawers are all done and reattached.  Now I’m finishing up the doors.

Watch for finished product pictures coming soon.  After I, you know, finish the product.

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