Arte Es Vida

Rose Glow Complexion Cream by arteesvida
May 29, 2007, 9:58 pm
Filed under: Bath and Body

3/4 oz. beeswax, shaved

1 cup light vegetable oil, such as almond or apricot kernel

1 cup water or rose water, slightly heated

2000 international units of vitamin E

1/4 tsp geranium essential oil or six drops of rose essential oil

 Place beeswax and oil in a pan.  Heat on low until wax melts.  Pour warm water in a blender or food processor and turn on high speed (oil and water should be about the same temperature).  Slowly and steadily, pour the warm beeswax mixture through the hole in the lid.  After adding about three quarters of the oil, the cream will begin to solidify.  Stop adding mixture.  With blender or food processor still on, use a spatula to carefully stir cream around top edges back into the mixture.  Add the vitamin E and essential oils then continue adding rest of beeswax mixture.  Turn off blender or food processor.  Pour cream into wide mouth jars while still warm and liquid.

Note: To make lotion, use 3/4 cup poil and 1/2 ounce beeswax.

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