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Mexican Hot Chocolate by arteesvida
January 15, 2007, 1:04 am
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Traditional Mexican hot chocolate is made using a molinillo [moh-lee-NEE-oh]. The molinillo is a carved wooden tool with moving parts that works somewhat like a whisk with a part at the bottom designed specifically to break up the softened chocolate. THe molinillo becomes seasoned and makes better hot chocolate the more you use it! Mexican hot chocolate is easy to find in this part of the country, the most popular brands are La India, Ibarra, La Polar, La Popular, and Abuelitas (which is actually made by Nestle). It comes in disks that you add to milk on the stove. The disks soften as the milk heats then you use the molinillo to blend the whole thing together. If you don’t have a molinillo you can mix the softened chocolate disks and the hot milk in a blender for a few seconds. Mexican hot chocolate is richer and includes spices such as cinnamon in the blend and you can seperate out the authentic Southtown diners in San Antonio from the touristy ones by who serves mexican hot chocolate and coffee. Nestle also makes an instant Abuelita which isn’t as rich but has the nice cinammon-y flavor. I keep a box of that around to bring with me to work!

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My roommate and I noticed the instant Abuelita at the grocery store. We both wondered if it was made of real Abuelas.

Comment by Hope

Of course it is…but only the small ones.

Comment by arteesvida

[…] Make small, inexpensive theme baskets. Some ideas: tea, a mug, and honey; bath salts and a candle, mexican hot chocolate and a molinillo¬†(ok, so that’s only regionally […]

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