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Creating A Home Art Gallery by arteesvida
January 7, 2007, 11:45 pm
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I love buying art!  There is quite a bit of affordable art out there including signed prints and small originals such as A2’s and ACEO’s.  Over the years I have collected a number of small pieces (nothing bigger than 11 x14 framed) and have dedicated an entire long wall in my bedroom to my gallery.  I’ve done all my own framing of these smaller pieces, purchasing precut mats, and floating odd sized pieces on a matboard background before framing.  I also buy really inexpensive wooden frames from Wal-Mart, craft stores, and thrift stores and paint them all a matching matte black.  If the framing costs under $5.00 then you have more money for more prints!

There are a couple that I have purchased on Ebay without knowing who the artist was, but for the most part, I have purchased prints and small originals  by artists whose work I have followed and admired (this includes art by my children that I have framed as well!) such as: Megan Noel, Melissa Robinson, Sark, and Judy Wise.

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I love how you have tied all the pictures together by painting the frames the same neutral black. But the first thing I notice is that they all simular in size and the over-all hanging arrangement looks spotty like wall paper, think huge rose wall paper, rather than art. Might I suggest 2 options that might look better?
1. Museum hanging. all atwork is hung with the center of the picture 52 inches from the floor in a line, spaced 2″ apart.
2. Clusters. Make clusers of art with some bare wall betweent the clusters. Again the individual frames are hung close together, 2″ apat. Start above the dresser, say, with four frams. Don’t hang them like a window frame but stagger them like a pinwheel (bottom left stics out to the left, bottom right sicks down, top right sticks out the right, top left sticks up from the start of the cluster. Then add a few more frames as you go around the center cluster to create a ballanced arrangement. If you manage to keep all the images the same distance apart, it will look nice.

Comment by Henri

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