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Updated Updates! by arteesvida
December 23, 2006, 6:11 pm
Filed under: General Info & Housekeeping

The good news is that all my old completed articles are finally up and archived.  The bad news is I found a ridiculous number of half-finished pieces on my hard drive, otentimes just  asentance or two of ideas and maybe an accompanying picture if I was lucky.  I’ll have to do something about them.  Eventually.

The other good news is I will using this blog space to write about the new projects I’m working on and reviewing new books.  I’ve been interspersing some new stuff with the older proejcts I’ve been uploading (such as the fabric collage round robin I’m participating in) and from here on out it it will be, generally speaking, all new stuff.

I’ve had some people ask about my ebooks.  Currently, there are two etsy links in the left hand sidebar of this blog.  My etsy shop has two of my ebooks available, and Fiona’s etsy shop has the two published issues of Coloring Outside The Lines available.  All four of these books/zines are also still available at for the same price (10% off if you are a premium member). 

Beadbabe’s owners and I have talked in the past about adding some of my other ebooks to their stock.  I haven’t gotten off my tushie and done the clean-up work I think they need before sending them over.  When I get that done I will add them to my etsy store and send them to Beadbabe for inclusion as well.  All the ebooks that were free in the past will remain so, and some of the smaller ebooks that sold for 2.50 or less may become so.  But I want to go over them all first and then decide, because it will pretty much have to be a final decsion.  I’m not going to give away something here that another site is selling.  Beadbabe has been a good company to work with and that would be tacky.  More information forthcoming on that front!!  If there was a specifi ebook that you have been looking for that I wrote, contact me in the meantime and maybe we can work something out!

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