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Celtic Barrette by arteesvida
December 22, 2006, 12:51 am
Filed under: Clay Jewelry

A few years ago, soap making was the “IT” craft and it seemed that everyone had a stash of soap and lollypop molds for this purpose! I recently received a big box of them and was thrilled with all the possibilities. Now, soap and candy molds are a lot more thin and flexible than clay molds which means they are that much more fragile and likely to warp so when you are using these kinds of molds for clay, it is really important that you brush a release agent (like corn starch) in the mold before pressing in the clay. Other than that, they are no different from regular polymer clay molds!


Black polymer clay

Pearl Ex Pigment Powders in Copper and Green

Mold of your choice (I used a Celtic patterned soap mold)

Small square tipped paintbrush

Clay working tools for cutting and smoothing

Convention or toaster oven for baking clay (preferably clay-dedicated)

Non-yellowing acrylic finish

Corn starch or other release agent for the molds

Barrette backing

Jewelry adhesive such as E-6000 or Jewel Glue


Condition and roll out your clay to about ¼ inch thick. Brush some releasing agent in to your mold andthen press the clay in. Remove the clay and brush off the releasing agent. Push the barrette backing in to the back of the clay so the clay molds to the shape of the barrette. Dry brush on a coast of copper pearl ex and then lightly brush green over some areas of the copper. (Pearl Ex powders are available in multi-packs at Michaels and by the jar at most art supply stores. I purchased mine at in Houston. You can also use paint instead of pigment powders, just bake and cool the clay before painting!

Bake the piece according to clay manufacturer’s directions leaving the barrette backing in place so the barrette bakes to its shape.

After the piece is baked and cooled, remove the barrette backing and seal the clay with a non-yellowing acrylic sealer such as Future Floor Finish. After it is completely dry, glue barrette backing back in to place and you’re done!

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