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Prom Pretty Choker by arteesvida
December 21, 2006, 9:53 pm
Filed under: Beading

Formal wear (whether it be for Prom or any other event) is expensive enough. Finding and affording jewelry to match your outfit can be frustrating enough to make you want to stay home in you sweats with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s! But you don’t need access to to a specialized bead store or website to make simple, elegant accessories to match your outfit. This choker was made entirely out of beads from Michael’s, a national craft store chain. The purple glass drop beads are available in several other colors, and the silver beads are also available in gold tone. The crimps, clasps, and stringing materials are also all from the same section of the store!


Glass teardrop beads (I used amethyst colored ones)

Twisted liquid silver (a thin oblong bead that gives the illusion of wearing a chain)

Round silver beads

2 barrel crimps (the longer, smooth crimps)

1 clasp (I used a toggle clasp, but magnetic clasps, lobster clasps, and barrel clasp would work equally well)

Stringing material such as Tiger Tail (nylon coated steel) or monofilament (fishing line in 8 or 10 pound test)

Needlenose or crimping pliers

Scissors or wire cutters

Cut a length of stringing material a few inches longer than you plan you final necklace on being. Knot one end and string your beads starting with a round bead as an anchor before starting the actual pattern of your necklace which is:

*Liquid Silver*
*Drop Glass Bead*
*Liquid Silver*
*Round Silver Bead*
*Liquid Silver*

Repeat this pattern until you reach your desired necklace length. Make sure the last bead is another round anchor bead.

Slide on a crimp and then one end of your clasp. Loop your stringing material back over the end of the clasp and back through the crimp. You can restring it back through the last couple of beads as well. Using either crimping pliers or needlenose pliers, smash the crimp bead flat holding the stringing material in place.

Slide all the beads down toward the end you just crimped and cut off the knotted end of the cord. Repeat the crimping process with the second crimp and the other half of the clasp, making sure to pull tightly so there is no slack and excess cording showing in the necklace.

Trim off the excess cording after both ends are crimped.

You can apply a dab of jewel glue over the crimp for some extra hold (this is an especially good idea if you are using monofiliment instead of Tiger Tail for your thread).

This style will work beautifully with almost any neckline!

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