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Porcelain Clay Pin by arteesvida
December 21, 2006, 9:16 pm
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Porcelain clay, the latest air-drying product from Amaco is an absolute BREEZE to work with! It isn’t overly sticky or messy like many air-drying clays and is soft enough to make blending in inclusions a breeze. Many of the techniques you use with polymer clay can also be used with the porcelain clay.

This pin uses gold leaf, pearl ex powders, clay cutters and clay molds to create a unique look!


Amaco Porcelain Clay

Oval Circle Cutter

Amaco Rose Mold (or any other mold you wish to use!)

Pearl Ex in pink and green

Gold leafing and gold leaf adhesive

Clay roller

Jewelry Grade Adhesive (such as E6000)


Wash your hands well. This clay is bright white so it will become dingy easily if your hands are dirty. Pinch off a small amount of clay, add a bit of green pearl ex and mix until blended. This gives a more authentic painted-porcelain effect than if you just paint the clay after it is dry, although you can do that too! Press the green dab of clay into the leaf portion of the rose mold. Trim out any extra clay so the green clay doesn’t overlap into the bloom area.

Repeat the process with a slightly larger portion of clay and the pink Pearl Ex powder. Press into the rose mold right next to the green base…you can overlap slightly on the back so the two pieces stick together.

Put aside to dry.

Roll out some more clay about ¼ of an inch thick. Cut out an oval using a clay cutter. Paint a thin coat of gold leaf adhesive over the whole piece and lay the gold leaf down over it. Bray it lightly and pull up (this will give you the streaky speckled effect rather than attaching the whole piece of leaf completely).

Let both the rose and the oval dry completely (overnight is best). Glue the rose to the oval background and the pin backing on the back of the oval. Let glue cure completely.

You can use these techniques on a variety of porcelain clay projects…experiment and have fun!

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