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Make Your Own Spool Knitter by arteesvida
December 17, 2006, 3:56 pm
Filed under: Product Reviews, Wire Work

Knitting fibers or wire to create intricate jewelry designs is easier than you think! A spool knitter does all the work for you, but you get all the creative credit! Spool knitting creates the exact shape you need for a chunky necklace and bracelet…it is really the perfect technique for jewelry projects!

You can purchase a spool knitter for about ten dollars at your local Craft and Hobby store, or pick one up online a little cheaper (before shipping, that is). Of course this isn’t a bad deal if you know this is a tool you will use a lot. But if you are interested in experiment with spool knitting before investing in extra tools, or if need a several spool knitters for a class or group project, you can make your own for just pennies!


Spool (wooden one is best)
4 smaller (picture) nails
1 larger nail
Hammer (or drill and glue if you are using plastic)

Wooden spools are harder to find, so if you can’t get your hands on one, a plastic spool can also work, though you will have to drill the holes and set the nails in with adhesive, instead of being able to hammer them in with a nail. (Hammering will probably split the plastic, but you can experiment to see what works best!) Keep an eye out for wooden spools at your local thrift stores, flea markets, or Ebay! You don’t have to use a fabulous vintage spool…any generic spool will do!

If you look down at the top of your spool, you will see a circle with a hole in it, kind of like a donut. In order to position the picture nails correctly, thing of the circle as a clock face. Hammer in a picture nail at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock (or every 90 degrees if you are geometry whiz!).

The longer nail will be your strand-lifting tool to pick up your weavings and lift them over the nail heads and drop them down the middle of the spool. A short, thin knitting needle will also work if you have one already!

Check out Lili’s Twists at WigJig University for some wonderful spool knit wire projects and Fiber-Wire Beads and Jewelry by Lisa Vann for more info on incorporating both wire and fibers in your jewelry designs!

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