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Three Of Hearts Barrette by arteesvida
December 17, 2006, 8:16 pm
Filed under: Clay Jewelry, Holiday Projects


Polymer clay in Valentine’s colors (I used red and pink. Other good color substitutions can include white, silver, and gold.)

One medium sized barrette back

Heart patterned sculpey shapelets (each back includes four designs, choose two of the four you like best) OR you can use heart shaped cookie cutters or other templates to create your design.

Tools for cutting, rolling, and shaping clay

Jewel Glue or E6000

Non-yellowing acrylic sealer such as Future Floor Finish

Condition and roll out your first color (mine is red) of polymer to a fairly thick setting. Cut out two hearts and smooth any jagged edges, imperfections, and fingerprints. Press them onto the barrette backing, letting them drape to fit the shape of the barrette. Mine are tilted to the side so the sides meet in the middle. You can use liquid polymer clay at this point to seal the two hearts together if they do not meet up perfectly, creating their own seal, in the middle.

Condition and roll out your contrasting color (mine is pink) of polymer to a fairly thick setting. Using a different heart-shaped template cut out one heart in the contrasting color and place it on top of the two base hearts in the middle. You can use LPC to attach this heart to the base hearts if you have difficulty making a good seal between the layers.

Bake the hearts, still on the barrette according to clay manufacturer’s directions. The hearts will bake to the shape of the barrette making them a perfect fit.

After the clay is cured and cooled, glue the hearts to the barrette backing.

For a more kid friendly version of this project, you can substitute making the clay hearts with the pre-made foam hearts you can find in most craft stores!

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