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Joss Paper Barrette by arteesvida
December 16, 2006, 11:21 pm
Filed under: Clay Jewelry, Holiday Projects

Joss paper, sometimes used for Asian rituals and holiday observances, is an art form in its ownself. The paper I used for this project is a simple black and white, but many are brightly colored and even gold leafed!

Because it is made for burning, it is also very inexpensive to buy. A package of Joss paper usually runs from a dollar to two dollars, depending on how fanciful they are! I recently bought two packages (one with the black and white design you see here and one with red printing and gold leaf) at the Hong Kong City Mall in Houston.


Joss paper

Black polymer clay

Liquid Polymer clay

Barrette backing

Clay rolling and cutting tools


Clay dedicated oven

Non-yellowing acrylic sealant

Barrette backing

Jewelry grade adhesive


Condition your black polymer clay. Roll out on the thickest setting on your pasta machine, or roll out by hand with a clay-dedicated roller.

Trim your Joss Paper down to the size you want your barrette to be. Paint the back of the paper with a thin layer of LPC and lay the paper over the black polymer clay.

Trim the clay around the image so the black clay is to the same size as the image and serves as the backroungd.

Paint another thin layer of LPC over thet of the joss paper. Drape the clay over the barrette backing, and bake according to clay manufacturer’s directions. Leave the barrette backing in place during baking so the clay will bake in the shape of the barrette.

After clay is cured and cooled, seal the top with a non-yellowing acrylic sealant. After it is completley dry, use the jewelry grade adhesive to attach the back of the clay to the top of the barrette.

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