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Hamsa Hands by arteesvida
December 16, 2006, 9:26 pm
Filed under: Clay Jewelry

Fake an ancient carved look in beads and pendents for pennies!


Polymer clay in white or a white/ecru blendAcrylic paint in burnt umber

Clay rolling and cutting tools

Paper towels, old paintbrush or toothbrush

Symbols of Ancient Mexico Rubber Stamp Set

Jump rings (for making pendents) or a bamboo skewer for making bead holes

Jewelry adhesive such as Jewel Glue or E6000

Non-yellowing matte acrylic sealer

Condition and roll out polymer clay to approximately 3/4 to 1-inch thickness. Using the hamsa stamp from the Symbols of Ancient Mexico Rubber Stamp Set, or by creating your own design (by either carving directly into the clay or carving a stamp out of a rubber eraser…check out the links with this article for image idea) impress into the clay and trim around the edges and smooth any finger prints or rough bits.

If you wish the hands to be beads, use a thin wooden skewer to run a hole through the clay between baking, or insert a jump ring to wear the hand as a pendent.

Bake according to clay manufacturer’s directions. After clay is cured and cooled, brush over the hand with slightly thinned burnt umber acrylic paint using either an old paintbrush or an old toothbrush to ensure the paint gets into all the crevices of the design. Immediately wipe the still wet paint off with a slightly damp paper towel. It will leave the darker pigment in the crevices of the design and a light wash of color over the raised areas. It is better to wipe off too much paint than too little, you can always add more coats!

When the paint is dry, seal with a non-yellowing acrylic sealer. If you added a jump ring, you can reinforce it with a dab of clear drying jewel glue.

This technique is a great way to create a look of aged bone, ivory, and pottery!

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