Arte Es Vida

Foil Pendent by arteesvida
December 12, 2006, 12:47 pm
Filed under: Clay Jewelry, Mixed Media, Non-Traditional Jewelry


Black polymer clay
Metallic leafing
Foil adhesion glue or Liquid Polymer Clay (LPC)
Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE)
Metal bail
Clear drying jewelry grade adhesive (I used E6000)
Clay roller or clay-dedicated pasta machine
Clay cutter (or clay-dedicated round cookie cutter)


Condition your black polymer clay and roll out with a clay roller, or on the thickest setting using your clay-dedicated pasta machine.

Use your cutter to cut out a circle the size you want your pendent to be.

Brush on a thin layer of foil adhesive or LPC. Drop your metal leaf over the surface of the clay. You can push it flat or leave it slightly crumpled on the surface for a more texture look. I used gold and copper, slightly crumpled over the surface, taking care not to cover the whole area.

Sprinkle a THIN coat of UTEE over the whole piece and bake according to clay manufacturer’s directions. Some people have found that the UTEE melts completely during the clay baking process, but I usually have to touch it up with a heat gun after I remove it from the oven.

Add one or two more coats of UTEE, using the oven or a heat gun to melt it over the surface. It is better to use thinner coatings of UTEE, and more of them, rather than one or two thick coats…the UTEE is less likely to crack or bubble. It will take a good 2 to 4 coats of UTEE to achieve the smoothest, glass-like surface.

Use a strong jewelry grade adhesive or epoxy to glue your bail into place. Let the glue cure completely, generally overnight.

String on a silk cord, leather strap, metal chain, or with other beaded embellishment…even your toughest critic will be sure it is artisan glasswork!

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