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Easy Altered Hairsticks by arteesvida
December 11, 2006, 1:25 am
Filed under: Beading, Non-Traditional Jewelry, Wire Work

I’ve seen directions on the web for hand made hair sticks.  Where you buy actual chopsticks. Whittle off the ends, round the points, sand them, varnish them, and…zzzzz…gah!  I nod off just thinking about all that work!


Hair sticks are cheap!  You can buy basic sets of hair sticks at your local discount chain and jazz them up to fit any occasion.  Whether you want fun and funky or dressy and glam, the possibilities are endless!


I’ve included two hair stick alteration ideas to get you started…but don’t limit yourself to these materials.  You can use clays, charms, glitter, collage materials…or anything else that will fit on the end of a stick!



These hair sticks came with crystals already embedded in them so I just added a few more to make them really stand out!  Just buy some faux crystals in any color (match your outfit even!) and glue them on with a strong jewelry grade adhesive (I used E6000).  Pretty sparklies for your prom updo!


 To wire wrap your sticks, just start one end, wrap two or three times tightly to hold the wire in place (you can also use a dab of glue underneath the wire for extra security…make sure you use a glue that dries completely clear like E6000 or Jewel Glue) and then loosely wrap adding glass beads as you go.  Wrap tightly a few more times where you plan to end the embellishment.  Don’t wrap all the way down…you don’t want the wire to get caught in your hair, and no one will be able to see the embellishments once they are in the hair anyway!

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