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Earth Day Bracelet by arteesvida
December 11, 2006, 1:07 am
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The high school environmental club I belonged had a booth at the local Earth Day celebrations every year. Every year we had a girl scout troop on one side of us that made these bracelets (and would I be dating myself to say that on the other side was a Barbara Boxer campaign booth?). I think they are a wonderful way to teach children about how nature operates in cycles and is interconnected like a circle, just like the beads on this bracelet, and the bracelet itself. I reconstructed their original bracelet as best I could from memory, but you could easily play with the different colors and what they represent when you make your own!


Pony Beads, One Of Each Of The Following Colors: blue, green brown, white, yellow, black, and red.A length of leather or silk cordingCut a length of cording a few inches larger than you want the bracelet to be. I cut mine large enough to wear as an anklet or bracelet. Make sure that the final bracelet is big enough to slip over the widest part of the hand or foot of the wearer.

Slip all but the red bead onto the cording and slide them to the middle. Slip the red bead on to the end of one cord and then thread the other end of the cord through the bead from the other direction. Knot each end of the cord. The red bead acts as a sliding slip knot to size the bracelet to each wearer.

The Colors Represent:

Water – BluePlants – GreenSoil – Brown

Air – White

Day – Yellow

Night – Black

Red – The People

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