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No-Drill Domino Pendent by arteesvida
December 10, 2006, 4:16 am
Filed under: Mixed Media, Non-Traditional Jewelry, Wire Work

Domino’s are such a great tool…they take stamps, and paints, and markers like a dream. However, some of them won’t drill for ANYTHING (and this is coming from the chick who drills holes in just about EVERYTHING)! This limits your options. You could wrap the whole thing in wire, which isn’t totally comfortable to wear, and ruins the design you put on the front. You can glue a hoop to the back, but that isn’t comfortable to wear AT ALL, and it looks kinda…crappy.

What’s a good solution? How about an artistically designed hoop, that rests on top of the pendent, and looks great from any angle?


White plastic domino (don’t waste a nice antique ivory domino on an altered jewelry project!)

Sanding block

Chinese newsprint stamp (or any other background stamp you like)

Permanent black ink pad (such as Memories or StazOn)

Mini collage image*

Mod-Podge (or another clear drying adhesive)

Scissors or X-Acto Knife for cutting out image

20 gauge wire (I used copper)

Wire cutters

Needle-nose pliers


Jewelry Grade Adhesive (I used E6000)

Polyurthene to seal the entire piece.


Lightly sand the front of your domino, just enough to give it some “tooth” to hold the ink.

Stamp your background (I used a Chinese newsprint stamp) and let it dry completely.

Cut out your foreground image and brush the back of it with Mod-Podge. Add it to the front of the marble.

To make the loop at the top, cut a length (just a couple of inches) of your wire.

Loop the top end of the wire around the mandrel to make your loop.

Wrap the long end around the short end two or three times, and cut off any remaining part of the short end that is sticking out.

Starting at the bottom end of the wire (opposite from the side with the loop), use your pliers to bend the wire in on itself into a tight loop. Hold the loop with your pliers in one hand and turn the wire around it creating a spiral.

When the spiral meets up at the end of the loop, bend the wire so the spiral and the loop are at a 90 degree angle from each other.

Use the E6000 to glue the spiral to the top of the domino.

Cut two more lengths of wire and create two more spirals out of them. Glue these spirals on the front of the domino over and under your main image.

For additonal you can glue a piece of felt to the back of the domino.

You can tie a length of cord directly to the loop on the top of the domino, or you can add another split ring or bail and thread a cord through that for wearing.

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