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Collage Bead Earrings by arteesvida
December 10, 2006, 5:56 pm
Filed under: Beading, Mixed Media, Non-Traditional Jewelry

How many times have you seen gorgeous papers or other bits of printed ephemera and thought  “Wow, that would make a gorgeous bead pattern, too bad it’s paper!”  If you as bead obsessed as I am, you probably have!  I came up with this project to use some plain wooden beads that I bought years ago for reasons that escaped me immediately after their purchase.  Because the rose printed paper on top of them  was see through, I first covered the beads with a layer of paper that I hand inked in purples and blues.  If you layer the papers, keep in mind that each layer will add to the size of your bead more than you may anticipate!




Plain wooden beads

Sandpaper or emery board

Decorative or printed papers, other paper ephemera scraps



Two head pins

2 earring wires

4 silver rose beads

Wire cutters

Round or needle nose pliers



Unfinished Bead

First Layer of Hand Inked Purple Paper

Second Layer of Rose Printed Paper

Use your sandpaper to rough up any finish on the beads.  Tear your paper into tiny scraps.  Paint the area of the bead that you are going to first apply paper to with Mod-Podge.  Attach a scrap of your paper and paint another layer of Mod-Podge over it.  Continue to cover the whole bead in this fashion, overlapping the bits of paper to get complete coverage and a textured finish.  If the paper covers up the holes in the bead, you can use the stick end of your paintbrush to push the paper down through the hole to clear the hole for stringing.

It doesn’t take a lot of paper to make a ton of beads…you can do enough for bracelets or necklaces, but in order to make the earrings featured in this article you only need two!

After the beads are completely dry, string a silver rose bead onto a head pin, then one of the collage beads, then another silver rose bead.  Snip off any extra off the head pin with your wire cutters, leaving just enough to form a loop. 

Slide an earring wire onto the head pin, then using your pliers, form a loop with the head pin back over the loop on the earring wire so the head pin swings from the ear wire.

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