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Chandelier Earrings The Easy Way by arteesvida
December 10, 2006, 12:27 am
Filed under: Beading, Wire Work

Chandelier earrings have become so popular in recent years, that there are tons of different designs of chandelier “blanks” on the market, available everywhere from your speciality bead store to your local craft store.

These blanks are metal components that have the loops premade for you to add your bead (or beads) to so you don’t have to create your own out of wire!


Two chandelier earring blanks (they usually have 3 to 5 hoops per blank)

Two earring wires

Split jump rings (one for each hoop plus two more to attach the ear wires)

Head pins (one for each hoop)

Bead assortment

Wire cutters



Thread as many beads as you want on each headpin…you can use one or several.  I did an alternating pattern of purple glass beads (from Michaels) and blue lapis stone beads (from a necklace I bought at Goodwill and took apart).


Snip off any extra wire on your headpin, just leaving enough to make a loop at the end with your pliers.  Attach each headpin to the chandelier component with a split ring.  Make sure you close all the split rings carefully so none of your head pins fall off!  Attach your ear wires with more split rings and you’re done!

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