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Bead And Wire Neck Chokers by arteesvida
December 10, 2006, 3:55 am
Filed under: Beading, Kid Friendly Projects, Wire Work

I recently gave my three year old a package of pre-beaded artistic wire and a thick wire necklace form and showed him some basic wire wrapping.  He knocked out this project while watching TV one morning!  Although we made chokers, this project would also make great beaded bangles!!


Thick wire necklace form (I bought base metal forms at Hobby Lobby for under 1.00 each)

A package of pre-beaded thin wire (if you can’t find this at your local craft store you can buy a thin gauge wire such as 28 guage and thread it with seed beads)

Needle nosed pliers

Wire cutters

The wire neck forms are already bent on each end so it will hook on to itself, making it unnecessary to attach a clasp.  If you are using a pre-beaded wire, there should already be a small loop at each end.  If you are beading your own wire, use your needle nosed pliers to create a small loop and tuck the end of the wire back into the first bead to keep the beads from escaping before you start wrapping.  (If you are doing this project with a small child, this is the part you will have to do for them.)

Wrap the thin beaded wire over the thick base wire form, pushing the loops together tightly so the wire doesn’t slide and none of the base form shows through.  When you reach the other end of the base, snip off any extra wire and make another wire loop, tucking the end into the last bead to hold it in place as you did with the first.

You can wear the necklace form as a choker, or attach a ribbon to it and hang it up as a small beaded “wreath”.  You can also buy bracelet forms and make a funky stack of beaded bangles!

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Please tell me where I can get the prebeaded wire? I bought some at Walmart, about a year & a half ago, but they don’t sell it now, but I need it.I’ve looked at Michael’s , a,c, moore, & joanne’s fabric. None of them have it. Please tell me where I can go to find it?….. Thank you sooo much.

Comment by cindy

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