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Flea Market Jewelry By Binky Morgan by arteesvida
December 6, 2006, 2:57 am
Filed under: Book Reviews, Non-Traditional Jewelry

I bought Flea Market Jewelry : New Style from Old Treasures by Binky Morgan last week on a whim…it was at my favorite used book store and I had some book store credit burning a hole in my back pocket. When flipping through it, I was intrigued by some pieces in the Gallery section of the book and bought it to examine them further, but I was pleasantly surprised by the author’s projects as well.

Although every project starts with a piece of vintage jewelry as the base, the final creations are not all wearable. She turns old brooches and strings of beads into mini picture frames and chandelier adornments, respectively. But she also recreates old pieces into new, fabulous wearable gems that made me want to high-tail it down to my local Goodwill to pick through the costume jewelry rubble. She turns old watches into wearable picture frames, thimbles into flowerpots full of wire-and-bead leaves and flower buttons, and vintage beads into new necklace creations!

One caveat for anyone new to jewelry making…the book is not very detailed on the instructional how-to. It is really designed for people who already have some basic knowledge of bead stringing, clasps and crimping, and wire work. For example, on her beaded flower pot project, it doesn’t list the gauge of wire you will need for making the seed bead petals. Anyone not familiar with wire work might end up buying a gauge that is way too thick for the project. But if you already have a working knowledge in these areas, you shouldn’t have any problem with her projects!

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