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Chains and Charms Part Two by arteesvida
December 6, 2006, 11:04 pm
Filed under: Beading, Wire Work

Create your own chunky charm bracelet with all your bead and charm odds and ends!


Chain Link Bracelet

Jump Rings

Head Pins

Wire Cutters

Needle-nose or Round-nose pliers

Assorted “bead soup” beads and charms

This is a fun project whether you use your own custom made chain link bracelet or a store bought bracelet blank.

Charms are the easy part, simply use your jump rings to attach them to the bracelet. But beads can also be turned into charms for this project. This is a great way to use up your cool odds and ends “bead soup”. You can use just one bead, or slip as many as you would like on to a head pin. If you are using larger beads, use a small one at the bottom as an anchor to keep the larger beads from falling off. Use your wire cutters to trim off any extra off your head pin, leaving just enough exposed metal to create a loop at the top. Thread a split ring through the loop and attach it to the bracelet. You can use two split rings for extra security if the bracelet will get heavy wear.

Unlike soldered charm bracelets, you can mix and match and change your danglies out any time you want, which makes this a really fun project!

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