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Chains and Charms Part One by arteesvida
December 6, 2006, 12:09 pm
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While chain link bracelets can be bought pre-made (and very reasonably) anywhere from your local discount superstore to your local craft supply store, there are a couple of problems you may encounter. First off, one size fits all usually doesn’t. The standard seven to seven-and-a-half inches is too big for some people, and too small for many more. In order to achieve a perfect fit, you have to either special order a custom made piece…or make it yourself.

Also, this bracelet weighs significantly less than a pre-purchased piece. Part Two of this article, which I will post next week, will use this bracelet base to make a big, chunky charm bracelet. While a lot of fun, and currently very trendy, these pieces can become quite weighty. So the few ounces you can save by making your own can make all the difference in wearability!


Split Rings

Jump rings

Toggle clasp

Needle nose pliers

Unlike jump rings, split rings are a complete circle, they don’t open and close the same way jump rings do. This bracelet alternates split rings and jump rings because it gives you a little extra security and makes the project go a lot faster. You can, however, replace the split rings with two more jump rings in the pattern.

Join two split rings with a jump ring. Add a third jump ring to the second one also using two split rings for connection.. Because this piece will be holding a lot of charms, the extra jump ring will give the bracelet extra support and help it bear the weight of the pieces.

Continue attaching split rings to the chain, using two jump rings each time. When the chain becomes long enough to fit the wrist of the wearer, use a jump ring on each end to attach each end of the toggle clasp!

There ya go…your own chain link bracelet! You can wear it as is, or save it for next week when we turn it in to a funky charm bracelet!

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Hi—I’m not sure how I stumbled across your blog, but I am really glad that I did! I am mostly a mixed media collage artist, but I am being slowly drawn to the “darkside” as my good friend Sandy calls the world of beads and wire!! I am currently involved in several online charm swaps and I love the idea of making my own bracelet. I am inspired to make the bracelet in your post, but I am allergic to base metals. Do split rings come in Sterling?? Take a peek at my blog if you have time. The link is: Looking forward to keeping current with your blog.

Comment by shari schneider

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