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Triple Goddess Knot Wirework Pendent by arteesvida
December 5, 2006, 2:21 am
Filed under: Wire Work

Many celtic designs have found a home in modern cultures. This triple knot design is often see today as a symbol of the sacred feminine, as well as a symbol of the holy trinitiy in many Christian religions. No matter how you view it, it is a beautiful piece!

I had been wanting to attempt to make one in wire for a long time now, and had pages in my sketchbook devoted to how I was going to do this in an elegant way. It took some playing around with the wire (and giving up on trying to hammer it!) to come up with this design, but I was thrilled with the results!


Sterling silver wire, half hard, gauge 14 or 16 (about a 12 to 18 inches)

Copper wire, half hard or dead soft, gauge 18 to 20 (about 24 to 36 inches)

Wire cutter

Needle nosed plier


Metal file for filing rough edges

Chain or cord for wearing

Create three spirals with the silver wire. Each spiral needs to be at least four loops wide. If you make one any smaller you will have a difficult time getting your copper wire to wrap around the silver wire. You do this by using your needle nosed pliers to bend the wire back into itself into a small look. Then you can use your pliers or your fingers to continue to curl the wire in onto itself into a spiral. When you have achieved four loops in the spiral (or more if you want!) use your wire cutters to cut the spiral off of the original length of wire and file off any sharp points.

You are going to attach the silver spirals with the copper wire by wrapping the copper wire through the center of each spirals. Hold two of the spirals together (they will overlap a bit) and wrap the copper wire through one center and over through the center of the second spiral. Wrap back under both and back through and over at least three times. It is kind of like sewing two pieces of cloth together…but the wire has a lot less give!

Place the third spiral (again overlapping a little bit) to the side of the second, completing the triangle. Use the same wire wrapping technique to attach it to both the second and the first spiral.

Mandrel wrap four loops of copper. Slide it through the top of the of the knot, two loops in on the spiral. This will act as your bail.

Make sure you file all of the rough edges on your copper wire, then your pendent is done! You can string it on a heavy box chain or a leather or silk cord!

You could also make this pendent in colored art wire (green with black, orange, or white) for a fabulous look in traditional Irish colors!

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