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Wish List Time Machine: 2003 by arteesvida
December 3, 2006, 9:01 pm
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Every December at BellaOnline I would do two things. One was to create a project for each holiday tradition (Christmas, Hannukuah, Kwanzaa, and Yule) and the second was to publish a big holiday wish list for jewelry makers. Guess which was most popular and stayed popular even after the holiday season was over. All the books and products I reviewed were things that I have actually tried out myself, and I would always attempt a project from each book before reviewing it so all my readers knew what they were in for.

Although I do have some new books to review, I won’t be doing a complete wish list this year, but I am reposting wish lists from previous years because they still cover some great stuff! And thanks to the poster who found one of my reviewed books at a great discount on the web….if you have a good inexpensive source for any of these items please do post it!


Usually my Christmas shopping is done by now, but the year just seemed to slip away from me! If you, like me, are still trying to finish off your holiday shopping (or just want to pick up a little goodie for yourself!) here are some of my favorites! If you have any other great ideas to share, please feel free to email me or post on the message board!

Jewelry Design Books:

Creating Your Own Antique Jewelry: Taking Inspiration From Great Museums Around The World by Cris Dupouy

My favorite new read of the year, and probably one of my all around favorites and back in print! If you are interested in creating antique metal looks or you love recreating museum quality pieces with poly clay you HAVE go have this book. It is also a good book for beginners, as it doesn’t require a huge investment in supplies and tools to start creating!

Rubber Stamped Jewelry: Includes Essential Techniques and 20 Projects by Sharilyn Miller

Rubber stamps are not just for paper artists any more! Check out the latest book by author, magazine editor (Somerset Studio, Belle Armoire, and Art Doll Quarterly) and jewelry designer Sharilyn Miller!

Stamp Artist’s Project Book: 85 Projects to Make and Decorate by Sharilyn Miller

While your at it, Sharilyn Miller’s second book is also a great resource…a significant portion of the projects listed are jewelry making projects!

Making Wire Jewelry: 60 Easy Projects in Silver, Copper & Brass by Helen Clegg and Mary Larom

I own almost every wire work book on the market…and those I don’t own I am sure I have read! Ok, I may exaggerate a bit…but I have a lot of them…and this one is by far my favorite. Beautiful, classic designs!

Liquid Polymer Clay: Fabulous New Techniques for Making Jewelry and Home Accents by Ann and Karen Mitchell

You may have already read their articles in Expression magazine, but if you haven’t yet seen the work of the Mitchell sisters you are in for a treat…they are really using liquid poly clay in creative and new ways!

Other Books To Feed The Creative Spirit:

True Colors: A Palette of Collaborative Art Journals by Kathryn Bold

While the book is dedicated to the creation of art journals, I can’t think of a better resource on color theory…be brave and creative in the New Year!

The Morning Star by Nick Bantock

The sixth, and final, installment of the Griffin and Sabine series is finally out! Enjoy feeling the secret thrill of reading someone else’s mail! The book is written and illustrated beautifully and it unfolds in postcards and letters that you actually pull out of the envelopes pasted into the book. If you are a newcomer to Nick Bantock’s books, you can start with the first book of the series, Griffin and Sabine: An Extrodianry Correspondence

The Sensualist: An Illustrated Novel by Barbara Hodgson

If you love Nick Bantock, you will also adore barbara Hodgson…this book is my favorite of hers. Although she has less illustrations than Bantock, they are all beautifully done and she makes up for it with more “story”. This one is magical!

Creative Companion: How to Free Your Creative Spirit by Sark

The first book published by author and artist Susan Kennedy (who publishes as the glorious Sark!)…this book is just as glory*full and amazing as her later and more famous works!

You read the interview with the author, now check out the book! An inspirational guide to anyone interested in the business of art!


Artella The Waltz of Words and Art

I’m not listing Artella just because I am published in this month’s issue! I’ve been a big fan of the magazine ever since I discovered it…I love the fact that they are one of the few “art” magazines that recognizes jewelry design as art, and publishes it as such!

Belle Armoire

The quarterly magazine devoted to wearable art from the publishers of Somerset Studio (and with the same editor). My only complaint? Waiting 3 months between issues!


Expression is kind of a combination of Somerset Studio and Belle Armoire…they publish quite a bit of jewelry making, as well as the paper arts, assemblage, and mixed media pieces. Lots of articles on working with polymer clay and designing jewelry out of ephemera!

Somerset Studio

The mother of paper and mixed media arts! Somerset Studio continues to be an amazing inspiration and portal of creativity year after year!

Mary Engelbreits Home Companion

Better Homes And Gardens this isn’t. Although focusing on the home, the magazine is replete with beautiful in home studios, and the living environments of all kinds of artists (including jewelry designers!)…full of inspiration and ideas.

Art Doll Quarterly

The new baby sister to Somerset and Bella, I just bought my first issue of Art Doll Quarterly this month. The price stinged, but it was well worth it in the end…and it motivated me! I am currently working on my first art doll right now…though I think she may turn out to be too big to wear!

How-To Videos:

Potpourri of Techniques (Master Artisans: Polymer Clay)

By Donna Kato…that’s right, of Kato Clay fame! This video covers a bunch of different techniques for one great price!

Imitating Metal (Master Artisans: Polymer Clay)

Learn how to simulate gold, copper, bronze and other metal effects using special pigments…one project includes making jewelry using Hershey’s Kisses wrappers and scrap clay!

Millefiori Basics (Master Artisans: Polymer Clay)

Scared of millefiori canework? This video is full of so many excellent demonstrations that even the biggest idiot (yours truly) can understand!

Music To Create By:

A discussion on my artists group led me to adding this sub-section…it seems I’m not the only one who finds it imperative to have the right tunage playing while I work!

Norah Jones: Come Away With Me

Have you discovered the AMAZING voice of Norah Jones yet? Her music is smooth and smoothing without being light weight…my favorite new jazz artist!

The Voice of the Sparrow: The Very Best of Edith Piaf

The best compilation CD of legendary French torch singer Edith Piaf…and you don’t have to understand French to read the emotion written in every note!

Indigo Girls: Become You

The Indigo Girls released this CD last year as a return to their roots, and it is amazing..the perfect balance of mellow harmonies and kickin’ rock!

Etta James: Let’s Roll

I listed to this CD at the music store, and had to order it as a Christmas present for my husband as soon as I could sneak away from his prying eyes. Etta just keeps getting better and better! Her voice has really grown rich as she matures…an amazing CD!

Other Products:

VILLA WARE 177 Al Dente Pasta Machine (For Clay Conditioning)

I searched high and low for the best deal on a hand crank pasta machine for polymer clay conditioning and blending…this price was by far the best (unless you are lucky enough to score one at your local thrift store!). Guaranteed to make your clay working ten times easier!

Euro-Pro TO282 4-Slice Toaster Oven For Poly Clay Curing

Now that I have a toaster oven for curing my poly clay I will never go back again! Not only is it safter than using your regular oven, the portability of the toaster oven makes the work SOOOO much easier! This one is 40% off at right now and even comes with a built in timer (if you, like me, tend to forget you have clay in the oven while engrossed in the latest episode of “The West Wing”…).

Rock Tumbler by Natural Science Ind Ltd

I remember when rock tumblers were serious scientific instruments and were really expensive! I remember my grandfather having one and getting in trouble with my grandmother over how much it cost! Nowdays they are considered a kids toy, and this one is on sale at amazon for only 25.00! You can use it to polish your jewelry, tumble rocks, glass, and other items for jewelry making…if you love stone setting or wire wrapping, this is a fantastic item!

Dremel 8000-01 10.8 Volt Lithium-Ion 5,000 – 35,000 RPM Cordless Rotary Tool

A cordless rotary tool! Woohoo! I was forever dragging around my dremel with an extension cord so I could carry it to whereever I was working. My hubby promised to buy me this one for Christmas and I can’t wait!

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Wish List Time Machine: 2003 Audio CD (November 16, 2004)
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I just ordered this cd from Amazon in the “popular music” section.

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