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Valentine Envy Shrine Pin by arteesvida
December 2, 2006, 4:31 pm
Filed under: Holiday Projects, Mixed Media, Non-Traditional Jewelry

I do so love me some Crafty Chica! Kathy Cano-Murillo’s fabulous book Making Shadow Boxes and Shrines was such an inspiration I knew I had to pay hommage by making one of her cool shrine pins! Since it is almost Valentine’s Day I thought a shrine to love would be just the thing!


Acrylic Paint
Future Floor Finish
Charm dangle
Split ring
Glass heart
Small hole punch or large needle
Grommet, grommet setter, and hammer (optional)
Needle nose pliers
Jewelry grade adhesive
Pin backing


Pull out the matchbox insert (the part the matches go in) and paint it red. Let dry completely. Mix glitter with Future Floor Finish (or another liquid acrylic sealant) and brush it over the entire box. (I used large chunk glitter since fine glitter doesn’t scan well, but the finer glitter is actually better for this project.)

Punch a hole in one of the shorter sizes of the box (this will be the bottom of the final pin). To make the hole more secure (less likely to tear) add a grommet using a grommet setting tool and hammer.

Open a jump ring and thread it through the hole in your matchbox and through your charm dangle. Close jump ring tightly.

Glue in glass marble and let dry completely.

Glue on the pin backing and let dry.

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