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Using Images In Jewelry Making by arteesvida
December 2, 2006, 5:06 pm
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The popularity of magazines such as Somerset Studio and Expression, which are dedicated to mixed media art forms, have fed a growing interest in using images in jewelry design. Combining photos and other printed images in jewelry making is hugely popular right now!

Doing image transfers from photo copies is pretty easy. Most of us are copy machine adept, and there is always the Kinko’s employees to fall back on for help.

But the real trick, is when you are capturing images (public domain images, of course) from the internet or email and/or developing your own custom images in your photo editing software. I have been plodding along decently with my photo editing software…resizing, trimming, re-coloring, adjusting lighting and the like.

I thought I was pretty smooth until I got a fantastic book in the mail, Creative Computer Tools For Artists: Using Software To Develop Drawings and Paintings by Jann Lawrence Pollard and Jerry James Little, which really opened a whole other door for me in terms of what was possible to do with images and your computer.

The book starts out covering your basic techniques and tools (after all, we’re artists, so our computer experience is not assumed!), and then each chapter takes a basic editing technique and details all the different ways that you can use it:

· Chapter One covers working with one photo. Some of the techniques in this chapter include bringing back lost colors, enhancing shapes and shadows, and bringing out lost detail.

· Chaper Two covers working with layers. Some of the techniques in this chapter include abstracting with color, staging a composition, and developing studies for collage.

· Chapter Three covers combing photos. Some of the techniques in this chapter include painting portraits, combining photos with different perspectives, and replacing a background.

· Chapter Four covers scanning sketches. Some of the techniques in this chapter include drawing a sketch on screen, developing a black and white sketch, and developing color studies.

· Chapter Five covers using digital effects. Some of the techniques in this chapter include using filters in layers, creating soft edges, and fine tuning architectural details.

With all of these tools, even though most computer illiterate right-brainer should have no problem creating exactly the image they want for their jewelry designs. Once you have the imaging down and are ready to try some projects with them, check out the link box below!

Image Jewelry Making Projects

Slide Show Necklace

Microscope slide necklaces using foil tape instead of solder.

Decoupage Bracelet

A cool project using decoupage and a bracelet form.

Nostalgia Photo Necklace

Use photos, glass, and solder to make these great memory necklaces.

Arty Bottle Cap Jewelry

Use images and resin poured in to bottle caps to make necklaces, earrings, and key chains.

Patriotic Flag Pins

Transfer images to polymer clay using this technique.

A Different Twist On Hand Tinted Photos

Copied and colored pencil transfers to polymer clay.

Picture Frame Pins

Polymer clay picture frames with baked layers of Future floor finish to create faux glass.

Framed Art Jewelry: A Gallery to Wear

Lots of good information on framed art jewerly from BellaOnline’s Fashion Jewelry host.

Polymer Portrait Pendent

Use bathtub gin to make an image transferred pendent.

Chandelier Pendent

Use flat backed chandelier crystals to cover images for a funky pendent.

Flat Backed Glass Marble Accessories

Use flat backed marbles to make cool pins and barrettes.

Children’s Art Charm Necklaces

Make reduction copies of your favorite kid’s artwork to make this “charming” kilt pin!

Nostalgic Jewelry

Use oil colored pencils to tint black and white photos and solder them into cool jewelry.

Metal Tag Charm Bracelet

Use metal tags from the hardware store to make charms out of your favorite photos.

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