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Trash To Treasure Collage Pendents by arteesvida
December 2, 2006, 5:11 pm
Filed under: Mixed Media, Non-Traditional Jewelry

I dearly love taking all the odds and ends destined for the dust bin and turning them in to wearable art. (Any publishers out there want to do a trash to treasure jewelry book? Call me!) It is probably in response to growing up an Army brat where pack-rattishness did not make for easy, frequent moves. When my daughter got a game for her birthday that required punching out thick cardboard disks from the game board this year, I couldn’t bear to throw them away. They were just too cool…I knew they had potential! You don’t have to use cardboard game pieces, plastic ones (such as old poker chips) will work well too!


Circular game pieces

Images, cut out words, bits of ephemera*

Sandpaper or a sanding block.


Paint brush

Scissors or x-acto knife

Heavy duty hole punch, drill or rotary tool (I used a cordless dremel)

Large jump ring

Leather or silk cord for stringing


Lightly sand the front of your of your disk to give it some “tooth” for the glue to properly bond. Brush a thin coat of the mod-podge over the disk and lay your background image on top of it. Press down with your fingers to smooth out any bubbles. For the background images, I center them and glue them down first, then trim around the edges, but you can measure and trim first if you prefer.

Brush another light layer of Mod-Podge over your background image (it looks milky but it will dry clear) and add your pre-trimmed foreground images and text. Small bits of ephemera (little charms, jewels, etc) can also be included but you will probably need a stronger glue to hold them in place.

Brush a final coat over the whole piece to seal.

Once Mod-Podge has completely dried, drill a hole through the top (it is easiest to do this last, so you don’t have to match up your images to a pre-drilled hole) and loop your split ring through…your pendent is ready to hang!

*Some notes on images and copyright: Words from magazines are usually OK to use (unless you are using someone’s trademarked company slogan) but be careful of any pictures you use, especially if they remain recognizable from their original form…this could put you in copyright violation and leave you open to legal action. To be safe use your own photos and art, or use images in the the public domain or from permission-free sources.

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