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The Journalers Holiday Wish List by arteesvida
November 27, 2006, 2:12 am
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I first published this list at BellaOnline in 2005.  All of the books are ones I still have on my shelves and refer to often so I thought I would share it again for 2006!

Books About Journaling and Writing

Drawing From Life — The Journal As Art By Jennifer New is buy the editor of Dan Eldon’s famous journals. It features the journals of an enormous range of people including such as Hannah Hinchman and Lynda Berry. Some of the journals featured are amazingly artistic and some are as scrawly and messy as our own every day journals. The journals are separated into chapters by how they are used by the writers. These chapters include Observation, Reflection, Exploration, and Creation. The famous The 1000 Journals Project is included in the Exploration chapter!

The Artful Journal By Maureen Carey is quite simply a beautiful book. It is focuses on journaling as a way of understanding, expressing and experiencing spirituality. There is a great deal of information about meditation, writing, and art techniques, and includes a chapter on how you can integrate all of this information into your own artful journal. Make sure you also check out the Ten Principles Of Journaling in the first chapter!

Journals and Journaling Tools

Coloring Mandalas 1 and Coloring Mandalas 2 both by Susanne F. Fincher make wonderful tools for jumpstarting the creative journaling process. I brought these in to work to share with my counseling clients but I was afraid that the staff was going to get to them first! Everyone loved them and found them to be meditative and fun. Each page as a large, gorgeous mandala you can color and space around it that you can text journal if you wish to do so. Either way you will be sure to find the mandalas to be a creative, centering experience!

Sark’s Creative Dream Game is the latest playful offering from the colorful world of artist and writer Sark. This 50 card deck is based on the following ten categories: Games, Gifts, Love, Positive Challenges, Time, Permission, Fear, Reminders, Resources, and Celebrating. The games “directions” invite you to choose a dream you want to work on and choose a card either from one of the aforementioned categories or from anywhere in the deck. Then you tell or write about how this card applies to you! The directions encourage people who enjoy writing, to use their journals as part of their creative dreams exploration process. This game can be played by yourself or with a group…this could be a wonderful tool for a journaling group to utilize! As a side note, I started back to school this past semester to finish my master’s degree in counseling. I have started using the Creative Dream Game with my clients as a goal journaling jump-starter. It has been a huge hit!

The Truth And The Questions: A Journal is a new, delicious blank journal full of prompts and art by the talented artist and published journal-writer Sabrina Ward Harrison. If you have ever read any of Sabrina’s journals and wished you could create something as deliciously creative and are very well photographed

Technique Books For Journalers

Fans of Cloth Paper Scissors may remember Karen Michel’s name. She wrote an immensely popular article on altering photos for the quarterly magazine last year. Her new book, The Complete Guide To Altered Imagery By Karen Michel expands on her altered photo technique and covers many others. As the subtitle explains, many of these techniques were developed for collage, altered books, and artists journals…there are many amazing ideas that you can incorporate into your mixed media journals right away! The different techniques cover using preprinted photographs, using digital images on your computer, incorporating found objects, and even a wonderfully detailed section on print making!

My articles on creating background pages for mixed media journals continue to have the most number of hits every month. Collage With Color By Jane Davies is definitely the book for this group of readers! Jane Davies’ section on understanding and using colors doesn’t just discuss color terminology such as “hue” and “saturation”, but also discusses the colors themselves including their means and the associations we have with each of them. Other chapters give directions on how to make patterned papers, and how to compose a collage. There are many techniques that you can use in your own mixed media journaling projects!

Texture Effects For Rubber Stamping By Nancy Curry covers not only a wide variety of techniques (Shaving cream marbelization? Who knew!), but also features over forty projects! Her ideas are tactile and lush…the “Sunset View” design mixes paint ink and fiber for a final result too pretty for the inside of a journal…you will want to use it for the outside cover!
Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond THe Unexpected By Claudine Hellmuth is the second book by famed collage artist Claudine Hellmuth. The first one ran through it’s first printing within months, her techniques and teachings are so popular! This book is filled with many more creative and unusual techniques (here I’ve been using the expensive crackle medium when I could have used Elmer’s glue?) including how to create texture backgrounds, using printmaking, combining paper and fabric, using color, and how to bring your personal imagery into your artwork. Tons of great ideas for mixed media journaling!

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