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Tea Staining by arteesvida
November 27, 2006, 2:07 am
Filed under: Fabric Arts, Journaling, Mixed Media

I recently walked a friend through her first tea-staining project and she was impressed by how easy to create such a wonderful effect! Tea staining can be used on just about any kind of paper or fabric…it’s a wonderful way to create aged effect in all sorts of projects, including:

· Staining different fabrics to create a unifying theme for a fabric journal.
· Staining paper to create an aged journal feel.
· Staining backgrounds for vintage photos, letters, and ephemera.
· Staining journal add-in elements such as manilla tags, letters, pockets, and envelopes.


Add a black tea bag or two to the bottom of a small bowl or mug. Poor a small amount of boiling water over the bags (just to cover) and let steep. Use the bag itself to “paint” on your paper or fabric. The bag itself can be fragile and may break…which is ok for some projects. The tealeaf itself on the paper can lend a variegated color pattern (just brush off the bits of tea after it dries). For a more uniform look, and to keep the bag from breaking you can wrap it in old pantyhose, cheesecloth, or an old flour sack towel. For a more texture look with paper, crumple the paper while it is still damp. (Carefully! It can tear easily). For a longer lasting finish on fabric, you can heat set with a iron.

Other staining options include using coffee (for a darker brown stain) or green tea (for a soft sage colored stain).

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