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Stamp Carving by arteesvida
November 27, 2006, 2:00 am
Filed under: Letterboxing, Mixed Media, Rubber Stamping

Carving your own stamps isn’t hard, I promise!

You can purchase lino-carving blocks and tools (which are very reasonable) or you can go even cheaper, using rubber erasers and an xacto knife!

For this simple version, the inexpensive, soft white erasers carve the easiest. The pink ones are sturdier but are harder to cut.

Draw your image direclty on the eraser. What you draw will be the actual stamp…the part that inks up and leaves the image. Make sure the lines are thick enough to carve around.

Now use your x-acto knife and cut out all the stuff that isn’t your drawing. All the white eraser still showing through, about 1/3 of the way down through the rubber. (You can cut deeper, but a slightly more shallow cut allows you to still use the other end for another design!)


You may want to do a practice ink and stamp to make sure you have all the areas you want carved completely cleared away. If any bits you want to stay come loose, they glue back on easily with a dab of strong glue and it won’t break down the rubber or harm the integrity of the design!

Carving your own stamps is really fun for letterboxing, but you can use them for lots of other purposes too. Create a signature look to go at the top of each of your journal pages, or carve several to use as the mood strikes you!

More Stamp Carving Info:

The Carving Consortium
An online group of softblock carves and printers. Lots of great information, links to tutorials, swaps, and a discussion board.

Stamp Carving For Kids
From the Letterboxing site…no knives required!

Foam Pad Rubber Stamps
No cutting at all…use Dr. Scholls adhevsive foam pads to create inkable images!

How To Make A Rubber Stamp
With good information in image transfers and negative lettering.

Want a unique stamp but don’t want to carve your own? Have a sheet of your own stamps made and support charity at the same time! You can use public domain images of any images you create!

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