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Vintage Watch Necklace by arteesvida
November 26, 2006, 12:49 am
Filed under: Beading, Mixed Media, Non-Traditional Jewelry

I found my great grandmother’s old watch this summer. The band on it was nearly broken and the watch itself wasn’t worth much…it was just the everyday watch of a hard working blue collar lady. But it is also family history, and I wanted to find a way to turn it into a piece of jewelry that I would wear. Poking around on Craftster I found this idea. (I’ve since seen it on a couple of other websites, so I’m not sure who to credit for originally coming up with it!)

Remove the watch band (which is easily done by removing the pins that hold it to the watch face). Open the face of the watch (I did this by pulling out the knob on the watch face and popping a tiny flathead screwdriver into the opening ) and take out the watch component, leaving just the watch face casing. (You can always use the watch component for another project…I used mine in an altered book.) Cut out a picture to fit inside the watch face casing. You can use a family photo or any vintage ephemera. I took the top part of the watch case facing and ran it over images kind of like a little picture frame so I could see how they would show up underneath the glass and I used the bottom as a “cookie cutter” by laying it over the image and tracing the circle around it to make getting the image cut out right the first time.

Add the photo and close the casing. If you don’t glue the photo in, you can easily change it out later.

String beads from each side of the watch face casing. I used three strands of seed beads on each side. Connect the strands in the back to a clasp.

You can also make bracelets and lapel pins with just a few small adjustments!

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