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Making Pearls by arteesvida
November 26, 2006, 5:05 pm
Filed under: Book Reviews, Creativity

“We are always in the cycle of pearl-making, forming out of the stuff of our lives something beautiful and meaningful – something we love.” – Jeanne Carbonetti

Making Pearls — Living The Creative Life By Jeanne Carbonetti is a wonderful resource for journal writers, even if you aren’t an artist! As the author describes in the quote above, this book focuses on taking the daily mundane and turning it into something with significance, which is what the practice of journaling is all about. We write because we have a story to tell, it vents feelings and frustrations, and captures memories we want to keep forever. In a nutshell, it returns us to ourselves and helps us discover who we are and who we want to be.

This book is comprised of seven exercises designed to help you create consciously. It’s a seven-unit course that you can space out over days, weeks, months, or whatever works best for you. It’s a wonderful way to honor yourself as a creator, whether you consider yourself an artist or not! Each exercise is based on a color, and the sample pieces are gorgeous but still simple and abstract. The book encourages you to paint, paste, draw, glue, or write whatever you want for each exercise, and the final pieces can be combined to be your own “pearl of art”. Working on each piece is designed to help you become conscious of how the cycle of creation is part of your daily routine.

The Basics Of The Seven Exercises:

Red: life-blood

Orange: womb of ideas

Yellow: power, presence

Green: growth, nurturing

Blue: expressing truth, voice

Violet: wisdom, insight

White: faith, peace

Green: growth, nuturing

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