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Blogging And The Business Of Art by arteesvida
November 26, 2006, 2:43 am
Filed under: Journaling

Keeping an online journal can be a wonderful marketing tool for a variety of business interests, but it seems to having the greatest effect on the arts community. There are many theories about why this is happening; but the simplest, most logical one is that it involves more people into the creative process. And if they become interested in the artist, and the art they create, they are more interested in buying it.

Many successful art blogs happened by accident. Artists and crafters tend to be really open about embracing new forms of communication, and were some of the first people to start keeping regular web logs. It was especially popular among artists who live outside of metropolitan areas…it was a good way to stay in contact with a community of like-minded individuals. As blogging grew in popularity and more people started reading art blogs, they started noticing something they didn’t expect…increased sales!

But don’t feel limited to just the arts! No matter what type of business you are interested in promoting, blogging can be a wonderful tool!

· Follow basic blog etiquette! Nothing effects readership more than bad blog manners!

· Update regularly! If your postings are sporadic, you will lose readership by the droves. If you aren’t able to post daily, or a few times a week, set aside a time for regular updates (for example, every Monday) so your readers will know to check back for new information. You can also set up a notify list so readers get a message sent to their email inbox whenever you’ve updated your site!

· Promote your blog! Link to your blog on your website and in the signature line of your email. If you belong to other art discussion groups, post a notice when your blog is up and running. If you belong to a blogging website that has community blogs, such as LiveJournal, join communities that interest you and particupate in the discussions. You will gain readership more quickly than you would have expected!

· Don’t focus just on what you are selling, but also the product development. Post pictures and write about the design process, the learning curve you’ve encountered with new technqiues, and how your work comes into being. Like I mentioned above, this engages your readers and makes them feel like they are part of what you are creating. Besides, a blog that exists solely to list and promote stuff for sale will be boring for everyone involved; those reading it, and the person writing it!

· Consider offering specials and sales just for your blog readers…it’s a nice way to reward customer loyalty, and completely free advertising! I often post a new sale a week earlier on my blog than I do my website. That way my best customers get first pick at all the best stuff!

· Offer as much as your personal life as you are comfortable with. People read blogs because they are interested in the person writing them. While you certainly don’t have to share your underwear preferences, sharing stories about your life can enhance your blog and the work you are promoting. For example, if you tell a story about a trip you took whale watching and how it has influenced you to incorporate whale imagery in your work, it will give your readers more insight than any standard artist’s statement ever could!

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