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Beaded Belt Buckle by arteesvida
November 25, 2006, 11:57 pm
Filed under: Beading, Wire Work

Belt Buckles are serious art in the South…the bigger and more unique the better! Recently a friend of mine broke her belt when she was over at my house (not sure exactly how she broke a leather belt, but I do know tequila was involved…need I say more?) and when we were throwing it away, I noticed that the buckle was the removable kind that snaps in to a standard leather belt. A new object for embellishment!


Hollow frame belt buckle
20 to 22 gauge wire (I used copper)
Beads large enough to string on the wire (I used green glass)
Pliers and wire cutters


Cut a large length of wire (enough to wrap one half of the buckle. Starting at the top, wrap the wire around the middle support bar 2 or 3 times to secure it. End near the top of the buckle and at the back.

Wrapping back to front, start covering the buckle with the wire as loosely or tightly wound as you desire. For additional “bling” effect, you can thread a bead or two wherever the wire hits the front of the buckle.

Wrap the first half of the buckle, and wrap the end around the middle bar at the bottom of the buckle.

Repeat this procedure starting again at the top and working the wire down the other side of the buckle. The top and the bottom of the middle support bar will end up being wrapped twice each coming from each side. This will hold all of the wire in place quite securely for easy wearability…even if tequila is involved!

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