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How To Make An American Tapestry by arteesvida
November 24, 2006, 9:40 pm
Filed under: Home and Garden

I have a very long, very tall (12 ft.) wall in my living room. In the picture is looks bright effin’ yellow. It isn’t. In reality, it is a dark Ochre color that those of you who remember the 70s may call Harvest Gold. No eye-rolley please, it rocks with my decor. (If you are a fan of bright effin’ yellow, be it know that my kitchen and hallway are that color.) I needed something BIG to hang there, but any painting big enough was all way way too expensive.

So I bought a length of precut fabric from Ikea for 19.99. I used iron-on hemming tape to hem the cut edges because my sewing machine is being wonky, and frankly, it is faster this way anyway.

I measured the final length and went to Lowe’s and picked out some baseboard in a finshed wood that matched much of the wood tones in my living room. I have a very cute boy who works at lowes cut it to fit my fabric. Two pieces of baseboard were about 28.00. You could get much more inexpensive than that, but I wanted something substantial and heavy. I threw some picture hangers in the basket for another 2.00.

When I got home, I used hubby’s staple gun to staple the fabric too the baseboard. I added a picture hook in the middle, and on each end, eyeballed the middle of the wall and hung it there.

 Two tries later, I actually found the middle of the wall. I swung the tapestry down a bit to add a nail to each end to hang the end pieces as well. (Since the tapestry is over 10 feet wide, trying to measure and drive the nails 10 feet across at 11 feet off the floor wasn’t going to happen.)

That’s it! Big, honkin’ tapestry for 50.00!!

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