Arte Es Vida

Asian Tablet Necklace by arteesvida
November 11, 2006, 8:33 pm
Filed under: Clay Jewelry


This piece is based on the wonderful design by Sherri Haab in her book Designer Style Jewelry.  Her design is gorgeous, mine is much more simplified but hopefully it will inspire some great ideas for you to work with…and provide some impetus for you to check out this great book!


Copper polymer clay


Black Polymer clay

Gold leaf

Gold leaf adhesive

Gold Pearl Ex powder

Chinese newspaper stamp (or any background stamp you prefer)

Small sun stamp (or any small, detailed stamp you prefer)

Black silk cord

Clay dedicated pasta machine or rolling pin, clay cutting tools, and clay dedicated toaster oven

Round clay cutter or clay-dedicated small round cookie cutter

Non-yellowing acrylic sealant


 Condition the copper polymer clay and roll through your pasta machine at the thickest setting or roll with your clay dedicated roller to about 1/6th of an inch.  Cut out a square that will be the largest piece of your necklace.  Use a large needle to create two holes in the raw clay at each corner.

Condition and roll out the black polymer clay on the same setting and a square slightly smaller than the copper piece.  Stamp the Chinese newsprint stamp into the clay and brush gold Pearl Ex over the surface to highlight the stamped areas.  Lay the black square over the copper background square.

Cut another piece of the copper clay, brush gold leaf adhesive (or a thin coat of liquid polymer clay) over the surface and place a sheet of gold leaf face down on the clay.  Run the clay with the gold leaf through the pasta machine (or use your clay roller to press the gold leaf sheet into the clay).  This will give you a variegated, crackled gold leaf surface.  Cut the clay to a square size smaller than the black square you just created and lay it on top.

Cut a circle out of the black clay and brush gold Pearl Ex over the surface of your stamp.  Stamp into the center of the clay and brush off any excess Pearl Ex powder.  Lay the circle in the middle of the gold-leafed square.

 Bake the tablet pendant according to the clay manufacturer’s directions and seal the entire piece (Future Floor Finish works well for this) after it has cooled.  Thread each end of your silk cord through the holes at the top of the pendent and knot them securely.  You can add a dab of jewelry grade adhesive to the back of each knot for extra security!

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