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Angel On My Shoulder Pin by arteesvida
November 11, 2006, 5:29 pm
Filed under: Clay Jewelry, Holiday Projects



Permission-Free vintage graphic (I used a Christmas angel)


X-acto knife and self-healing cutting mat

Polymer clay (any color or scrap clay)

Translucent liquid polymer clay

Non-yellowing acrylic sealer

Polymer clay cutting and rolling tools

Small paint brush

Oven or toaster oven (preferably clay dedicated)

Pin back

Jewelry adhesive such as jewel glue or E6000


Print the angel graphic and use a x-acto knife to carefully cut it out.  Make sure to have a cutting mat or a scrap piece of cardboard underneath your image to protect your work surface from the x-acto knife.  You can use scissors to cut out the angel, but you will have a difficult time trimming the delicate pattern of the wings.

Condition and roll out a piece of clay to about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch. 

Paint a thin coat of LPC over the back of the angel image and place it onto the rolled out clay.  Cut around the image so there is no clay visible around the edges of the angel.  Brush another coat of LPC over the top of the angel graphic and bake the piece according to clay manufacturer’s directions.

After clay is cured and cooled, brush a coat of acrylic sealer over the entire piece.  Alternatively, you can brush on another coat of LPC and re-bake the piece for extra protection.

When acrylic coat is dry, use adhesive to attach a pin backing with a jewelry adhesive.

 This is a great project for all kinds of clip art…you can match any holiday or theme and create your own version!

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